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Merchandising and Ticketing Lead (one per venue)

Position Title: Merchandising and Ticketing Lead
Reports To: Merchandising and Ticketing Chair
Term: Spring 2020 - September 2021

The Merchandise and Ticketing Lead is responsible for the overall planning of the Merchandising and Ticketing operations at a designated venue . For example, the Merchandising and Ticketing  Lead for Royal Henley Rowing Centre (where Niagara 2021 is hosting competition for rowing) will work closely with the Ticket agents and Merchandisers to ensure that these Partners have the information they require to operate at Henley, and that their operations are well integrated with the venue's operations plans.


• Merchandising and Ticketing Chair and Committee 

• Venue Team (for their respective venue) 

• Merchandising and Ticketing Staff Liaison


The Merchandising and Ticketing Lead is a part of two groups: the Merchandising and Ticketing  Committee, made up of representatives from each venue, and a Venue Team. Every Venue Team is made up of volunteers that represent aspects of the Canada Summer Games (e.g. Sport, Transportation, Technology, Volunteer Services, Medical, Accessibility, ect.). Led by the Venue Team Lead, the  Venue Team is responsible for the overall planning, coordination and operations of their venue during any test events and during the Niagara 2021 Canada Summer Games. 

The Merchandise/Ticketing Leads for each venue are responsible for auditing venues to understand existing seating and identify opportunities for Games-Time merchandise sales. The Leads also act as liaisons for the ticketing agents and merchandisers on venue, resolving ticketing problems and ensuring merchandisers have what they need to be successful.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Phase I – Initial Planning (16 months out)

• Participate in one Merchandising and Ticketing Committee Meeting Monthly

• Work with the Merchandising and Ticketing Functional Area and Third-party Partners to identify the scope of Merchandising and Ticketing operations for a designated venue.

Phase II – Integrated Planning (1 year out)

• Participate in two monthly meetings: Venue Team Meeting and Merchandising and Ticketing Committee Meeting

• Collaborate with Venue Team Lead and other Functional Areas to plan what space and furnitures are required for Merchandise sales and Ticketing operations

• Work with the Venue Lead and Venue Owners to complete an audit of the available spectator seating at the designated venue

Phase III – Implementation and Games Operations (4 months out to end of Games)

• Participate in two monthly meetings: Venue Team Meeting and Merchandising and Ticketing  Committee Meeting

• Responsible for Venue-specific training of any Games-time Merchandising and Ticketing  volunteers/workforce at respective venue. May assist in the venue-specific training for all                    volunteers at respective venue 

• Work closely with Merchandisers and Ticket agents to ensure that they are able to set up  their spaces and Technology properly

• Act as a liaison between Third-party Partners and the Venue team for day to day operations and resolving any issues that occur.

Skills & Knowledge:

• Strong leadership skills: mentorship, public speaking, motivating and facilitating collaboration

• Visionary with devotion to teamwork and strong relationship management abilities

• Strong organizational and planning skills 

• Exceptional approach to problem-solving, getting to collaborative solutions and working through conflicting ideas

• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English; ability to communicate in French is an asset

• Ability to work effectively with  volunteers and ability to be a mentor in a team environment

• Ability to make thoughtful, efficient, and effective decisions under potentially stressful situations/conditions

• Works well under pressure and is proactive


• Excellent planning and organizational skills 

• Familiarity with Point of Sale transactions

• Ability to obtain required security clearances and, if required, a drivers’ abstract

• Ability to work effectively with other team members and able to communicate clearly and concisely 

Time Commitment:

• Ability to attend two meetings per month, with increasing frequency as we approach Games-time

• Availability during test events at respective venue as applicable

• Participation in Games-wide Forward Planning sessions (total of five days over 18 months)

• During the Games, venues can operate long hours- sometimes up to 14 to 16 hours a day for the entire duration of the sport competition schedule. Availability during Games is required,           including 1-2 days prior to sport competition starting for venue set-up

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