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Chair, Merchandise/Ticketing

Position Title: Chair, Merchandise/Ticketing
Reports To: Games Services Committee Chair
Term: Winter 2020 to September 2021


  • Games Services Committee
  • Merchandise/Ticketing Committee
  • Ticketing agent(s) and Merchandise provider for Niagara 2021
  • Niagara 2021 Staff: Specialist, Revenue Generation


The Merchandise/Ticketing Chair is a senior volunteer with the Niagara 2021 Canada Games Host Society who actively participates and collaborates with other Chairs on the Games Services Committee (GSC) and is responsible for the planning and delivery of two Functional Areas (FAs): 1- Merchandise and 2- Ticketing. The Committee works with the ticketing agent(s) to plan an overall ticketing strategy for Niagara 2021, while also working with the merchandise provider to develop an attractive and innovative merchandising plan. Works with other FAs to ensure a phenomenal Games.

The person in this role leads the Merchandise/Ticketing Committee, made up of Merchandise/Ticketing Leads for designated Niagara 2021 sport and ceremonies venues, as well as any other key members the Chair deems necessary. The Merchandise/Ticketing Leads for each venue are responsible for auditing venues to understand existing seating and identify opportunities for Games-Time merchandise sales. The Leads act as liaisons for the ticketing agents and merchandisers on venue, resolving ticketing problems and ensuring merchandisers have what they need to be successful. Thus, the Merchandise/Ticketing Chair is deeply involved with recruiting, training, and guiding these key leads as they implement plans and work towards success.

The Merchandise/Ticketing Chair also represents the 2021 Canada Games Host Society at various meetings, forums, and other activities in the community.


  • Leadership experience with volunteers or staff
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to obtain required security clearances and, if required, a drivers’ abstract

Skills & Knowledge:

  • Strong leadership skills: mentorship, public speaking, building and managing relationships, motivating and facilitating collaboration
  • Excellent planning, administrative, and organization skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English 
  • Ability to work effectively with volunteers
  • Well-developed problem-solving skills- getting to collaborative solutions and working through conflicting ideas
  • Ability to make thoughtful decisions under potentially stressful situations/conditions
  • Works well under pressure and is proactive
  • Ability to facilitate meetings in an efficient manner
  • A flexible team player

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Appoint a second-in-charge to support your position
  • Assist in recruiting and training Leads who sit on the Merchandise/Ticketing Committee and lead merchandise and ticketing planning for their respective venues
  • Work collaboratively with the Niagara 2021 Staff  in the development and implementation of all policies and procedures and dimensions of the merchandise and ticketing operational plans and related functions
  • Coordinate, and participate directly in the planning and delivery of the merchandise and ticketing Plan and related functions
  • As an active member of the GSC, attend and contribute to meetings and liaise with other GSC Chairs, identifying and managing interdependencies between related FAs
  • Plan and facilitate monthly pre-Games and Games-time Merchandise/Ticketing Committee meetings
  • Undertake tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the chair of the GSC
  • Demonstrate commitment and understanding of the Host Society vision, mission and work within the approved budget
  • Prepare a final report on the merchandise and ticketing component of the 2021 Canada Games

Time Commitment and Availability:

From appointment through to completion of the Games (August 2021) including extended hours during Games Time (August 1-24, 2021): 

  • Participate in volunteer orientation and training sessions
  • Participate in the GSC monthly meetings as required
  • Lead/conduct monthly Merchandise/Ticketing Committee specific meetings as required, provide ad-hoc guidance to Merchandise/Ticketing Leads where needed
  • Liaise with other Functional Areas and committee chairs as required
  • Participate in other Functional Area related meetings as required
  • Participate in pre-Games events where needed
  • A willingness to work variable work hours including weekends and evenings
  • Be available for pre-Games sport test events
  • Prepare post- Games final report as per Canada Games Council format within one month of Games completion

The Niagara 2021 Canada Summer Games Host Society is committed to building a skilled, diverse team reflective of Canadian society. As a result, we promote equity and encourage applications from women, Aboriginal persons, persons with a disability or members of a visible minority group and regardless of sexual identity, gender identification or gender expression.

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